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OPEN CALL for sound of “Industrial Sounds”

Call for sounds

Digitópia convokes people to send sounds related to industrial environments to be used by the composer Luís Tinoco to compose a piece commissioned by Casa da Música. This piece will be premiered in September 2011.


1. There are no restrictions according to age or nationality

2. The aim of this call is to collect a wide range of sounds in order to be used in the piece composed by Luis Tinoco but also to be part of Digitópia’s library of sounds at www.freesound.org

3. Luís Tinoco is allowed to change in any way the original sound and also make use of it in the composition and performance of his music

4. All the original recorded sounds will become part of Digitópia for free public use

5. The minimum duration is 5 seconds and the maximum is 1 minute

6. File format accepted are .wav, .aiff or mp3

7. The sounds should be sent via internet only to [email protected] along with a text file (.txt, .doc, .rtf, .pdf) containing: short biography, location and hour of the recordings and contacts. EVERYTHING should be in a single ZIP file named after the location of the recording.

8. The deadline for submission is 28 of February 23:59. No more sound will be accepted.

By: filk


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