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Narrativas Sonoras – en

Narrativas Sonoras is a very simple audio sequencer that uses granular synthesis at it’s core engine. Although the current version was developed in January 2008, its original design dates back to end of 2006. The first implementation of the software employed a Processing user interface controlling a hidden Max/MSP sound engine. The current generation, however, runs entirely on Max/MSP, with the graphical user interface, still developed using Processing, running on the java layer available within Max/MSP. The user interface of Narrativas Sonoras was originally based on an example one can find in the Processing’s Examples folder - StoringInput. Narrativas Sonoras was awarded with an honorable mention at Lomus 2008 – International Music Software Contest.


Macintosh · version 0.8 – 10.4 only!

Macintosh · version 0.8 – 10.5 and up – launch engine first

Windows · soon…

Linux · as soon as Max/MSP gets there

Source · soon…

Creative Commons License

By: Rui Penha